Brian Cradock, President of IFS Group, sheds light on his relationship and success working with Abstrakt Marketing Group to develop a long-term, sustainable sales pipeline to grow his market-share. He talks about our inside sales process as something that will soon be understood as everyday business speak. Much like a web-search is known as Googling, copying has become Xeroxing and facial tissue has been branded as Kleenex, Brian thinks that one day asking someone about their go-to-market strategies will simply be, “What’s your Abstrakt Plan?” Check out the video below.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Sales Outsourcing Process

Scroll through these testimonials to read what our partners have to say about Pipeline Outsourced Sales Solution.

Mike Magnusson, Pacific Air Control

“Our partnership with Abstrakt has been a very positive experience.  Abstrakt Marketing Group is by far the best at what they do. The services they provide and how they provide them is very impressive and after only one month of working the program sales has increased more than in the last 6 months without them!
Their systems and processes are what set them apart from the other similar companies. However, the people are what really set them apart. The staff is professional, skilled, and easy to work with. Client communication is fantastic, every time I need someone either by phone or by email, I have never had to phone or email them twice. We always get a fast response with clear and concise answers and/or solutions to challenges we encounter.
Abstrakt really does live up to their vision of “Always Be Growing”!”

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Tom Burtzlaff, CMIT Solutions - Columbia

“Our company has used Abstrakt to generate quality appointments with local businesses in Maryland for the last 9 months. They represent us very professionally with all our prospects. They also work hard to find a need for our services, if one exists. Lastly, their communication with us is “top notch” and we always know what they are doing for us and why. We have found it to be a wonderful partnership.”

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Scott Zommers, Polar Systems

“I have been in varying roles in sales to sales management over the last 25 years. Abstrakt really hits it out of the park with outstandiing lead generation. From the beginning of the process, to the ongoing management, they have helped us secure many opportunities we wouldn’t have had the time or resources to do it. I’ve had lead gen companies in the past that have failed miserably, Abstrakt is the true success among a crowded market of lead gen companies. There are those that promise and there are those that deliver, Abstrakt is both!”

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Jim Strusowski, Seiberlich Trane Energy Services

“I closed two proposals that were pending and now we are doing full service contracts equaling the amount of $14,400.00. I am getting close to closing more that are pending. I love what you are doing for me!”

Jeff Dennis, Bitboyz

“I’ve been using them for almost 3 months. Been getting me about 5 to 6 really great appointments per month. Most of the prospects I’ve been meeting with have about 100 to 200 workstations. I closed a small $5k project the end of he first month. I also am working on some potential big recurring revenue from 2 of he prospects. I’m talking like 10k per month.

They’ve been surprisingly good to work with. They have a really good process for onboarding. Their team stays engaged and you can give them feedback real time.

This was a first for us and I put them off for about a year. Now I kind of wish I hadn’t.”

Eric Pratt, QeH2

“Very adaptable to our needs, a fantastic nurturing and communication process, and a great team of people.  Take the time to empower them with the right program detail and they’ll set great appointments.  I recommend them strongly if you’re looking for professional meeting generation for your business.”

John Figone, Prospect Mortgage

“In our combined 50 years in the mortgage business , we have to say ….Angela is the most persistent and best follow-up phone dialer and gift of gab we have seen. She helped us get a meeting with a 60 unit producer ( after numerous follow up calls as per her activity Log) and we got a 1.4 loan in the first meeting “ 

Joe Damo, Security One Lending

“SaraJo has been doing a great job setting appointments for me. My meetings have resulted in 2 applications referred thus far. I expect a lot of future business to result from the meetings.” 

Alex Cornwell, Prospect Mortgage

“I would like to commend the Abstrakt team for the care and attentiveness to our account. In our loan officer to agent program we closed at least three transactions over 1 million which has won the hearts and minds of John Figone and Steve Herbert one of our best teams in the nation. They cannot stop talking about the professionalism of how their appointments were schedules and the ownership each of the team had when requiring rescheduling or working with our busy schedule. 

 I am extremely pleased with the credit union meetings we are tasking the team to take a new approach and a more strategic approach with Abstrakt to role this to a national program. 

 Looking forward to work with all of you!” 

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Recent Sales Outsourcing Successes

Managed Service Provider

A client that has only been with Abstrakt for two months have already gained $1,000 in recurring monthly revenue. An additional opportunity is in the proposal stage for $4,000 monthly recurring revenue and that opportunity has over a 50% chance of closing. This client was founded in 1997 and had 36 clients when they partnered with Abstrakt. In just two short months Abstrakt was able to increase their client count to 38.

Mechanical Contractor

A Mechanical Contractor  has only been with Abstrakt for eight months and have already closed over $216,000 worth of business and have $180,000 out in proposals. They couldn’t be happier with the work Abstrakt has done and the overall partnership.


One of Abstrakt’s Mortgage partners has hired one LO through Abstrakt’s Loan officer recruitment program and have two potential LO’s that are close to switching.

Managed Service Provider

A Technology Solutions company recently closed three deals totaling $21,540 and have stated that there are several other proposals out that they believe will close in the next few months. So far they’ve reported that over their first year with Abstrakt they have totaled $98,015 in closed business.


In three months, Abstrakt has set a total of nine appointments for this IT client. $34,184 in proposals has resulted from just nine appointments. Six out of nine appointments resulted in a proposal. This client has already referred a client to Abstrakt because of the work they have done.

Material Handling

As of May 2015, Abstrakt has set a total of 107 appointments for this Material Handling client. The company has closed 39 deals from the appointments Abstrakt has set for them, equating to over $500,000 in new business. Additionally, they have over $300,000 pending in active proposals.