Partner Sales Manager

Responsible for managing your account and running your Partner Sales Team. This person has played every role on the team, knows our process and has experience in your industry. You will have ongoing communication with your Partner Sales Manger including a monthly results meeting.

Partner Sales Representative

Your dedicated inside sales representative responsible for fulfilling our process. They are trained in your industry and will have extensive knowledge of your market and services.

Partner Performance Manager

One of our top salespeople will help when your dedicated Inside Sales Representative is ill or on vacation. They also help during the beginning stages of our process to get the most powerful start possible.

Partner Training and Development Manager

Responsible for initial Partner Sales Representative training as well as ongoing review and coaching. They will have exclusive knowledge of your industry and will ensure that your Partner Sales Team is utilizing best practices for optimal results.

In addition, every appointment must go through this person to ensure that it meets your “perfect appointment” criteria. This guarantees that we are delivering your message in a way that will ensure brand awareness and result in more leads.

Partner Operations Manager

There are several behind the scenes operational tasks that this person will manage. This important workload includes but is not limited to database management, process improvement, scheduling, portal development, reporting and analytics.

Partner Marketing Manager

Responsible for managing the production of your marketing assets. They will act as a liaison between you and our creative staff to ensure we deliver powerful communication pieces to increase brand awareness.