Data Collection

We work with you to identify your target market then use our sales outsourcing process to gather critical sales data.

Top-of-Mind Awareness

9 out of 10 prospects are not ready to meet now. Our sales outsourcing process will maintain top-of-mind-awareness until they are in the market to buy.


Once your prospects are ready to meet, we set the appointment and update your Partner Sales Portal with all critical notes to secure a sale.

Devoted to


Pipeline is an Outsourced Sales Solution that helps build, nurture and convert your prospects into closed business.

Pipeline Sales Process

You shouldn’t have to work overtime just to produce leads and appointments. Our Pipeline Sales Outsourcing Solution takes away the headache of prospecting and leaves you with quality appointments with prospects looking to work with your company, at a cost that’s less than one full-time employee.

Pipeline Marketing Assets

Our sales outsourcing process worked successfully for years using the phone, email and web research.  However, we now believe that using just the phone and email is no longer enough for prospecting success.

Best practices say that you need to stand out from competitors, who are most likely targeting your prospect already.   You also need to communicate with your prospect using a variety of mediums. We incorporate high impact, custom collateral to move your prospect through the decision process and influence prospects.

To increase your Pipeline results, we create six Pipeline marketing assets per year.

Partner Sales Portal

As an exclusive Pipeline Sales Outsourcing Partner you will have 24/7 access to our Partner Results Portal.

Use your Partner Results Portal to:

  • View all sales activity
  • Manage your leads
  • Confirm sales appointments
  • Review survey summaries
  • Provide Voice of the Customer feedback
  • Access Sales Training videos and workbooks

What Others Say About Our Sales Outsourcing Process

“I have found the Partnership I have been looking for with my Inside Sales Team here at Abstrakt. Together we have explored and committed to a relational working partnership that is growing our businesses. For that I am grateful.”

Ed Ducote, ServiceMaster Clean

“I have been using Abstrakt Marketing Group for almost a year and they have helped me find wonderful clients to introduce to my service division. I have nothing but great things to say about the team that works with me, every single day…they are beyond professional, strive to be the best at what needs to be communicated when they have the client on the phone, and have generated business for me over and over. “

Laura Morris, MMC Contractors

“My experience with Abstrakt has been very positive.  What I didn’t and anticipate, and this is a good thing – you guys create almost as much work as if I had hired an employee internally. The almost is great because I don’t have to worry about someone’s personality, or what they wear to work, or have a desk and login for them and deal with network issues and answer tech support questions.  I really didn’t expect so much.  This isn’t just you guys making a bunch of cold calls, you really take this seriously and act like you work for Advantage Research and you are to be commended for that.” 

Scott Segrin, Advantage Research

“Abstrakt has been a great partner for i.t.NOW.  They have helped us to build our sales pipeline, shorten our sales cycle, and deliver qualified candidates that turn into new business.  We’ve closed contracts that value over $199,000 in our first few months of service, and have a healthy outlook for the future.  They’ve been a great asset to us, and we look forward to a bright future with Abstrakt as a strategic partner.”

Mike Herrington, i.t. NOW